Provisions Supply

We provide you with a wide range of products for domestic and foreign products for the provision of ships. As Ship Chandler Algeciras, we take utmost care to ensure that all of the products we have supplied are long-lasting and can be used for long periods of time under appropriate storage conditions on ships.

As we have mentioned before, all of our employees have a high level of experience in ship supply, and some of our colleagues have worked on commercial ships for many years and know these jobs with an expert level. In addition, they have sufficient knowledge and experience about how the provisions products on the ship should be.

What are Ship Provisions?

Provisions means all products used on ships and kitchens. Even if it seems that food products are included in this scope, cleaning products used in the kitchen and living area are also included in this scope. The quality of Provisions products means that they can be used for a long time and are healthy. In addition, the products of these provisions should be renewed regularly every month on the ships, although some long-lasting products have been supplied, especially vegetable and fruit products complete their shelf life after a period of time. After this process, the ship has to resupply these products at the first port it goes to.

As Ship Chandler Algeciras, we provide you with the best quality and longest lasting products in a timely manner. Of course, while making these transactions, we make every effort to stay reasonable in terms of price compared to all our other competitors.

Ship Chandler Algeciras provides all the provisions products you need and supplies you with the products your ship needs. By contacting us, you can supply all your needs completely and with the most reasonable prices.

As Ship Chandler Algeciras, our main products are as follows

  • Red and White meat products
  • Fish products
  • Frozen and fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Other frozen foods
  • Canned goods
  • Cereal products (rice, bulgur, wheat)
  • Animal products (milk, oil, honey, cheese)
  • Breakfast products
  • Kitchen utensils and equipment

And all the products that we do not think of are supplied for you within the scope of your needs.

Ship Chandler Algeciras shows the necessary sensitivity in this regard, as in many other issues. You can provide exactly your needs by contacting Ship Chandler Algeciras.