Materials Supplies

Ship Chandler Algeciras divides the materials used in ships into two items. We can briefly name them as ship deck materials and ship machinery materials.

What are ship deck materials and what are they?

It would be correct to consider ship deck materials as consumables used on the deck and hold of ships and spare parts for some tools and equipment.

These consumables and products can be briefly explained as follows; We can classify them as paints, cleaning materials, iron and steel sheets, hoses, pipes, clamps, screws, nuts, ropes and ropes used during the maneuver of the ship and thousands of similar products.

What are ship machinery materials and what are they?

As you know, the machine is a part that takes the ship and provides electricity on the ship, and the materials, spare parts and products used in this section need to be changed due to wear over time and it is essential to replace the products with new ones, but do not worry; Ship Chandler Algeciras brings all of these products to your ship. As the main products; You can evaluate paints, pipes, ACs, machine and generator spare parts, chains, measuring tools, hand tools and thousands of products in this category.

All of the products we mentioned above are brought to your ships on time and at the most reasonable prices with Ship Chandler Algeciras. In addition, your supplies are carried out without delay.

While Ship Chandler Algeciras offers you the highest level of service and customer satisfaction, it also offers much more reasonable prices compared to its competitors.

It will be sufficient to contact us in order to provide your needs completely and completely and to supply your ships.

Do not forget that shipping agents are not ship chandlers and it is very likely that the products they supply to you are not what you want, and many of the agencies that do this business already buy the products you need from us and give you a price, of course, this is reflected as an additional cost of 10-20-30%. It is very important to buy the right products from the right place in order to reduce your costs.

Do not hesitate to contact Ship Chandler Algeciras today, it will be enough to contact us to feel the privileges we offer you about our service quality and prices.